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  • Holiday New Year's Personalized Eclectik Design E-Card

Flener IP & Business Law

Flener IP & Business Law is a women-owned business specializing in intellectual property law including patent, trademark, and copyright preparation and prosecution, and in sync with core values, provides licensing, due diligence, mergers and acquisition work, litigation, and corporate law counseling inside and outside the intellectual property arena.

Having a number of international clients, they came to us to create a number of Eclectik Design personalized e-cards for their company. In addition to designing multiple e-cards for them, we also handled the mailing of their e-cards through an email marketing service where they were able to see who opened their emails and re-send to the unopened ones. Our goal was to create a one stop shopping experience for the design, mailing and follow-up on the results with their e-cards.

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