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  • International Day of Peace Card Design by Eclectik Design

More Peace Life Coaching

The mission of More Peace Life Coaching is to help create more peace in the minds and bodies of their clients. They are committed to help foster more peace in a safe, nurturing, calming, online environment. Maripat Abbott, the owner of More Peace Life Coaching is located in Chicago, but works with clients across the world. With her credentials and warm nature she becomes a catalyst for her client’s personal growth, drawing from each of her varied experiences.

We love when clients come to us with a holiday and/or event that’s specific to their business. More Peace Life Coaching came to us to create custom branded International Peace Day Cards (which is September 21). We created a custom branded card, building upon the company’s brand by incorporating their services and colors to bring their tagline to life. Also included was an educational component to share how to create more peace throughout your day.

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